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When To Go For An Infertility Treatment?

If the next step for you to get pregnant is finding an IVF doctor in Delhi, it wouldn’t cost you to do some research and homework of your own towards finding the best infertility specialist in Delhi. A fertility clinic is the place to go if you are having trouble getting pregnant even after several trials. Your gynaecologist might have been advising you till now but infertility cannot be treated by just gynaecologist. An infertility specialist is needed for this purpose who also has the facilities of a fertility clinic. An infertility specialist is the one who diagnoses the problems related to the infertility in couples and also responsible for the treatment.

It is recommended for you to visit an infertility specialist in any of the following cases.

• Women who are over 35 years of age and have been unable to conceive after 6 months of trying.

• Women who are below 35 years of age and have been unable to conceive after 12 months of trial.

• Women who have had multiple miscarriages.

• Men who have low sperm quality or poor semen quality.

However, while considering a fertility clinic and deciding on getting the infertility treatment the consequences and costs must be carefully thought over. Infertility treatment is a long procedure and is an expensive one as well. Not just that, infertility treatment such as IVF can take its toll on your mental health as well as it can affect you emotionally as well. Take as much time as you need before deciding over the fertility clinic.

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10 Simple Pregnancy Tips to Help You Have a Normal Delivery

Most of the pregnant women wishe to have a natural child birth. According to a study, for 85 percent of pregnant women, a non-medicated natural birth is very much achievable. The other 15 percent certainly have some kind of complications due to which they need external medical interventions such as C-section. However, one out of every three pregnant women are going through C-section. Women going through preventable C-sections do so, mostly because of fear of labour pain and unnecessary anxiety.

Having a natural childbirth is very natural that most women are capable of. However, certain medical conditions make it unavoidable for having a child-birth without any interventions. A normal child birth makes it easier for a healthy post-delivery recovery of the mother.

Here are 10 simple pregnancy tips that can help you have a normal delivery.

1. Take childbirth education classes

Research has shown that people who have undergone prenatal childbirth education classes tend to have 50 percent more chances of having a normal delivery without C-section as opposed to women who have not taken any such classes.

2. Avoid hospital beds

It’s usual that women sometimes feel that they are going into labour but after reaching hospital, it is realized that it was a false alarm. In such cases, avoid staying in the hospital unnecessarily. Return back home, unless recommended by your health provider to stay.

3. Convey your desire of having a normal birth

Let everyone around you including your family and health provider that you prefer a normal child birth.

4. Choose a health provider who is into normal childbirth

You and your healthcare provider must be on the same page regarding normal childbirth.

5. Keep a healthy diet

Proper diet is not only important for your body but also for a healthy growth and development of the unborn child. Also canada goose down ladies coats https://www.2014parka.com canada goose authentic logo, it is important to gain a lot of strength for childbirth. A stronger body can face the challenges of labour more smoothly. Eat a lot of green vegetables as it is a rich source of iron and folate acid, that is very important for preventing post-delivery anaemia.

6. Exercise regularly

Not only does exercising built up a good stamina but it is also important to help you bear the labour pain. Kegel exercises can particularly be very helpful. It helps strengthen the pelvic region and make the thighs stronger.

7. Let the baby choose the due date

Due dates pinpointed by technicians with the help of ultrasound can be off by a week or even more. With all the best technology, an induced labour is still an estimate done by a technician. So just go natural and let the baby choose its birthday.

8. Avoid childbirth horror stories

Stay away from people who are keen on sharing their negative childbirth experience. Listening to these negative stories can induce unnecessary fear in you.

9. Avoid ultrasound during the last month

Ultrasound testing done during the last month of pregnancy usually indicates macrosomia which may instil unnecessary fear in the minds of doctor.

10. Sleep Adequately

Getting a good sleep is essential for healthy growth of the baby and also to keep your calm.

All in all how much are canada goose coats for kids https://www.goedkopeparka.nl Canada Goose coats sale store, do not stress yourself too much over the kind of delivery you are going to have. Just take good care of yourself and think positively.

Read Practo Article: https://www.practo.com/healthfeed/10-simple-pregnancy-tips-to-help-you-have-a-normal-delivery-26970/post

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Health Tips for Pregnant Women

Getting pregnant is gift from the nature to every woman. When a woman is pregnant, she should remember that she is no more alone, and another human is growing within here. Hence the way you live, lifestyle and food affects the baby. So make sure to stay healthy physically and mentally. Along with this, pregnant woman also needs to stay calm and relaxed; and for this yoga or any mild exercise can be done to keep both of them healthy. It is even advisable to do some pelvic stretch exercises regularly, and not opt for vigorous exercise which stains your body and mind.

Stay Calm And Relaxed

Always stay calm, never be disappointed or angry. Life is not always about sleeping on a rose bed, ups and downs are meant to happen in everyone’s life. So it is advised to stay calm during the pregnancy time otherwise it can have an adverse impact on the baby.

Spend Some Quality Time

Make sure to spend some time for yourself and your baby by reading some good spiritual books or any novels. Listening to pleasant songs is also a good choice to have soothing mind. It can also help increase your inner peace and for your baby as well.

Consumption Of Food

Avoid consuming spicy food;instead follow a standard diet which is rich in fibre how much are canada goose coats for kids https://www.canadagoosestorevip.com Canada Goose mens outlet fake hybridge canada goose down skirt https://www.tecfe.ca Canada Goose down replica fake, iron canada goose coats zappos http://www.goosesea.com Canada Goose parka online discounts, calcium and vitamins. Consuming fruits and vegetables everyday helps you stay fit and healthy, and can help you have the healthiest pregnancy.


If your office is too far, avoid travelling for long distance. It is advisable to take proper rest when you are pregnant and this is only possible when you cut short on your traveling or excursion time.

Monitoring Weight

Get your weight monitored every 15 days. For this you can probably visit your gynaecologist for regular check-ups. Your gynaecologist can suggest the best exercise and can also design your daily time table if she finds any irregularity. It is also a good idea to ask for schedule from her to stay fit and healthy.


Never skip your breakfast, make sure to eat some cereals or fruits in the morning. You can also consume whole wheat food everyday for your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast is the worst thing one can do during pregnancy, and it can cause serious impact on the life of both the baby and also pregnant lady.

Consumption Of Liquid

Consuming liquid is very important; it nourishes the body and also prevents constipation. Also, make a point to drink orange juice or milk everyday.

Best IVF Centre in Delhi

Best IVF Specialist in Delhi

Best Infertility Specialist in Delhi

How To Find The Best Infertility Specialist In Delhi

Infertility can be very tough for a couple, both psychologically and socially. And finding the right infertility specialist for treatment can be even tougher. Here are some tips to keep in mind that might help you find the best infertility specialist in Delhi.

Referrals – You can ask your primary doctor to suggest you some good infertility specialist. Friends and family members can also be of great help in this matter.

Do your homework – Don’t just go on the word of mouth and do your own research. Ask other people about their experience with the particular doctor. Research online about the infertility specialist and make sure that he/she has proper certification and skill. Also make sure that they were not involved in any malpractice in the past.

Experience – Experience is a key factor. The chances of getting better result increases with the doctor’s experience.

Quality of the Hospital – The quality of care provided by the hospital and the overall quality of the hospital matters as lot. Also consider the location of the hospital, and whether it would be convenient for you.

Communication with the doctor – There must be a healthy communication going on between the patient and the doctor for a better treatment. Make sure that the infertility specialist you are choosing listens to you carefully. Ask them question and notice how they respond. Go ahead only if you are satisfied.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can easily find the best IVF centre in Delhi that would be suitable to your needs.

Types Of IVF Treatments

We are living in a smart world where countless improvement in technology is being carried out day after day. One of the examples of technological innovations is IVF treatment which helps couple become pregnant if they are suffering from conceiving problems. Basically IVF treatment is the last option to choose especially when all the other methods have failed. However before the treatment is opted for, it is important to choose the best infertility specialist in Delhi that are capable of delivering fruitful results.

Treatments offered at IVF Clinics

  • Surgical infertility treatment is done when there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes. The specialist performs laparoscopic surgery to check the condition of patient and thereby resolve the issue.
  • Assisted reproductive technology is a treatment which is used for eggs and the embryo. When the eggs and the embryo doesn’t function well this treatment is performed.
  • A fertility medication is performed when there is ovulation disorder. This is the most common infertility problem found among the females.
  • There are many types of drugs which are offered to woman in order to protect the baby. Zoladex, lupron, antagon and ovidrel are some of the common fertility drugs which are prescribed by the specialists.
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) is another treatment done. The sperm is collected and washed, later it is injected directly in the female.

Before opting for the treatments, specialist conducts appropriate checks and chose the best treatment which is most suitable for the couple. So make sure to shortlist the best IVF treatment in Delhi and get blessed with a family of your own whom you can love and pamper for whole life.

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