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Surrogate Database with IVF-ICSI CENTER Delhi:


Surrogate Mothers are enlisted with our clinic almost every day. We have a very clear protocol for induction of these surrogate mothers in our surrogacy program.


IVF-ICSI CENTER’s surrogacy program is a highly respected surrogacy program for surrogate mothers. Seeking surrogacy is by no means an easy decision both emotionally and financially. It takes a generous and loving woman act as a surrogate mother for an infertile couple. A surrogate needs the support of her family, and a team of medical professionals and support staff, to assist her practically and emotionally before, during and after pregnancy. Surrogacy Services India’s surrogate mothers give up more than one year of their lives to our program. They are women with big hearts, who feel deeply for our clients and the pain they have endured trying to become parents.


IVF-ICSI CENTER has many gestational surrogate mothers who can make your wishes come true. We conduct rigorous emotional and physical screening to select a surrogate; because surrogates health and emotional well-being is the top priority for IVF-ICSI CENTER team.

Medical and Psychological Screening

For choosing a surrogate mother, we do a comprehensive medical evaluation. Our surrogate mothers are rigorously screened physically for general health and optimum fertility. Moreover, they are psychologically counseled to ensure that they can cope with the emotional demands and responsibility of the demands of our surrogacy program. Husbands of our surrogate mothers also meet with our psychologist to ensure they are able to support their wives in their decision to participate in the program. We take good care of all food, medical and delivery process and that in under a supervision of a associate doctor.

She will answer an entire questionnaire which will be made available to the intended parents. She will undergo

  1. Complete physical evaluation
  2. Psychological testing
  3. Blood Tests to rule out HIV, Hepatitis, other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, blood grouping, HB%., DM
  4. These are done for both the surrogate and her partner/ husband.
  5. Hormonal assessment
  6. Cervical and other infective organisms.

Physical Examination

We do some general physical examination of potential surrogates. We do screening to check if they are having any infectious disease. These tests include a full blood count, renal, liver and thyroid function tests, chest X-Ray to rule out tuberculosis, plus a full range of tests for fertility. A list of screening tests for surrogates is available upon request.

Surrogates must have already given birth

We choose only those surrogates who have children of their own and have completed their families. Our surrogates have had no problems conceiving or delivering their own babies, no history of illness during pregnancy, or had any pregnancy complications. They must have enjoyed their own pregnancies and been physically able to cope with pregnancy and emotionally able to deal with the hormonal and physical changes pregnancy brings.

Surrogate Database

We have more than 20 surrogate mothers waiting for the Intended Parents at any given point of time!


These surrogate database is never static and we are always inducting new surrogetes. To receive surrogate database and their profiles, write to us at or fill our contact us form .

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