Surrogacy Procedure

Step-by-Step Guide to the Surrogacy Procedure with IVF-ICSI CENTER India


Step1: Contact Process/Medical Counseling/Surrogacy Costs

  • Upon receiving your inquiry, depending on your needs, we will coordinate your case with the clinic, surrogates, egg donors and other professionals involved in the process.
  • We will provide a free no-obligation medical opinion.
  • If you decide to go ahead with select IVF Clinic, we will then start the process of locating and screening an egg donor and surrogate that suits your needs.
  • select IVF’s lawyer will get contracts ready and signed by all concerned parties etc.
  • We will need the following information from you to assess your case and give you relevant information.
  1. Age of the female partner
  2. Husbands Semen sample Report
  3. Previous infertility treatment history.
  4. Previous 3 menstrual cycles detail and expected mensuration period date.
  5. Reason for needing surrogacy.
  6. Do you want to use your own eggs or donor eggs?

To know about Surrogacy with us, its costs, protocols etc. write to us at or fill out a form

Step 2: More Details And Communication Regarding Our Surrogacy Programme

  • We will email you the answers to all your queries related to surrogacy with us.
  • Our Chief Consultant will also consult you via Skype
  • Videos, Photos of the clinic, delivery hospital, our surrogates will be shared with you.

Step 3: Enrollment In Our Surrogacy Programme

Once you decide to undergo surrogacy with IVF-ICSI CENTER.

  • In case you also need donor eggs, we will send you detailed egg donor profiles with photographs for selection
  • Contact your respective embassy – to find the rules and laws to take back the baby so, that you have a smooth post-delivery procedure.
  • Inform us your tentative travel date and month and duration of stay.
  • Apply for Medical visa to India. We will send you a medical visa invitation letter to apply for medical visa at the Indian High Commission

Step 4: Recruitment Of Egg Donor And Surrogate

For booking and preparing your egg donor and surrogate, you need to send us a token amount. This payment will be as per the surrogacy costs schedule informed to you in step 1. The egg donor and the surrogate will now be recruited and started on medications as per your arrival schedule.
All our surrogates and egg donors are recruited after medical tests, family history reviews etc. and only then they are offered to intended parents.

Step 5: Duration Of Stay For Surrogacy In India

  • For IVF with own eggs and surrogacy, you have to reach us on the first day of your period date and be here for about 3 weeks.
  • For IVF with egg donor and surrogacy, you will have to come as per the scheduled arrival date and be here for one week.

In case you want to cut short your stay, you can get part of treatment done at your place by your specialist doctor and we can design a specific protocol for you [for details contact us.]

  • For accommodation – we can send you a list of hotels near to our centre. You can book as per your budget.

Step 6: Visit To Our Ivf Clinic In Delhi, India

  • Meeting with surrogate.
  • Signing of surrogacy agreement between intended parents and surrogate Mother.
  • Surrogacy Procedure payment to be made.

For those IVF with own eggs with surrogacy, extra steps include:-

  • Synchronisation of menstrual cycles with surrogate.
  • Stimulation
  • Embryo Transfer into surrogate

Step 7: Surrogate Followup’s After Embryo Transfer

  • Confirmation of Pregnancy (BHCG) after, 15 days of embryo transfer.
  • First ultrasound confirmation after 15 days of BHCG.
  • Carrying of Pregnancy to term by surrogate.

Step 8: Delivery And Post Delivery Procedure

  • Intended parents travel to India.
  • Intended parents visit their respective embassy.
  • Post-delivery of the baby we help you with the required documents.
  • Intended parents travel back with baby after receiving passport and exit visa.

Surrogacy Procedure In India With Us:

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