Surrogacy for Gay Men

Surrogacy in India for Gay Men and Couples


India’s Only Fully Integrated Gay Surrogacy Program

Our gay surrogacy clinic is one of the largest providers of parenthood options to the gay community. We are well aware of the “run-around” aspects of many providers of similar services. Our center incorporates all aspects of the gay parenthood process into one centralized location: Dedicated Expert Sub-Specialist Physicians, Surrogates, Egg Donors, Surrogacy and Egg Donor Contract Lawyers, Fertility Clinic

  • Premier providers of fertility services to the gay community
  • Large selection of well screened, well qualified egg donors and surrogates
  • Critical procedures performed by MD specialists
  • All legal and attorney services provided in-house for contracts
  • All associated agency representatives in-house
  • Affordable services: We suggest you compare prices. We offer our services at lower prices to suit needs of all.

This tight integration of services allows those considering this parenthood option the ability to have all of their questions, needs and desires addressed by a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff dedicated to assuring that the complex route to gay parenthood is an anxiety free, joyful experience.
To know if Surrogacy in India is for you, send you medical and pregnancy history to for a free online consultation.

Introduction to Our Gay Surrogacy Program

How does it Work?
To facilitate your understanding of the complex arrangements that must take place in order to assure a successful egg donor-surrogacy cycle, we divide the process into tier levels. While each level is as important as the next, such a division helps clarify the process and make it easy to understand how we proceed efficiently through the arrangements that will make your dream of parenthood a reality:

  1. Selection of a Fertility Center
  2. Selection of an Egg Donor
  3. Selection of a Surrogate
  4. Legal Work and the Attorneys
  5. Egg Donation, IVF and Embryo Implantation in Surrogate
  6. Positive Pregnancy and Baby delivery

Surrogacy Step-by-Step for Gay Men

The following provides an overview of the surrogacy process for gay men and couples.

  1. You may start by finding either an in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinic or a surrogacy agency that you like and works with gay men/couples. select IVF Clinic has one of the highest success rates of IVF pregnancy with surrogates and works closely with gay men. We will give you detailed information on the surrogacy process. As an informed intended parent make sure your questions and concerns are adequately addressed.
  2. Review the overall timeline and processes of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy, as well as our clinic’s costs, policies and procedures.
  3. If you are a couple, decide who will provide the sperm. One partner may provide the sperm, which will need to undergo some medical tests. The partner providing sperm will need a physical exam, medical history and sperm analysis.
  4. select IVF clinic will find the surrogate for you and book her for you
  5. Some people choose to use family members or friends as egg donors; other people choose to work through fertility clinic, which usually can pair an egg donor with you and your surrogate. We will send you a list of egg donors to choose from. You can select the donor as per your choice. The egg donor will be anonymous.
  6. Once you confirm the surrogacy procedure and your arrival dates in Delhi, the lawyer will draw up a contract and will be emailed to you for your approval.
  7. Once you are in India, the contract will be signed by all parties.
  8. Prior to IVF, you and the surrogate as well as any other relevant parties (such as the surrogate’s husband) will undergo counseling.
  9. The egg donor and the surrogate will take oral contraceptives followed by hormones to synchronize their menstrual cycles and prepare their bodies for egg donation/embryo implantation as per your arrival dates in India.
  10. Four to six weeks later (synchronized with your arrival plan in Delhi) the eggs will be retrieved from the egg donor, fertilized in the laboratory and implanted in the surrogate.
  11. Fifteen days after egg retrieval, the surrogate will have a blood test to check for pregnancy.
  12. Two weeks after the first positive blood test a pregnancy ultrasound to confirm pregnancy will be done.
  13. The surrogate will have ongoing prenatal care at the select IVF clinic. You will be emailed her medical reports and ultrasounds every 4-6 weeks.
  14. You will be intimated the expected date of delivery of the baby
  15. Birth of the baby!
  16. Procedure to take the baby back from India. Our lawyer can assist you in this on payment basis.

Egg Donor Surrogacy in India with Us:gay3

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