Surrogacy Cost

Gestational Surrogacy Costs at IVF-ICSI CENTER India

Services Costs (USD) Remarks
Surrogate Mother, includes

  1. IVF with medications
  2. Surrogate mother recruitment, medications, coordination, compensation and medical care during pregnancy
  3. Normal delivery in a Super specialty hospital
  4. Routine investigations, ultrasounds, vitamins, minerals, added nutrition etc.
  5. Surrogate Mother travel to clinic, lost wages, clothing etc.
  6. Surrogacy contracts
  7. Professional Fees
$ 20,500 Payable in 6 stages during pregnancy of 9 months


Services Costs Remarks
Indian Egg Donor – exclusive donation $ 1800 Young, beautiful donors recruited after medical tests, family history and psychological counseling’s
Caucasian / African Egg Donors $ 12,000 – 14,000 International donors from partner donor agency travel to India for donation
Hospital admission of surrogate during pregnancy to manage pregnancy As per actual hospital Bills If required
Pregnancy Termination $ 600 If required
Cesarean Birth, one baby $ 1000 Extra over and above the normal delivery cost in package
Twin baby’s birth, normal delivery $ 800 Extra over and above the normal delivery cost in package
Twin baby – extra surrogate compensation, medical care, medications, nutrition and professional fees $ 5000 Payable in stages after successful pregnancy of surrogate mother

This is only a partial list of expenses, for a details list Please email your request to

Joy, our Chief Program Coordinator at IVF-ICSI CENTER at

Please include your phone number for her to call you and fix the appointment as per Dr. Ruby Sehra’s and your convenience.

You can also call her directly on +91-9810023254

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