6 Tips To Have A Smooth And Safe Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer day. It can be considered the most important part of IVF treatment. It usually take several fertility cycles to reach this stage. It is a sign that the treatment along with the medication are so far working all right and one or more embryos are ready for transfer. The day brings both joy and fear due to anticipation. But if you are getting the best IVf treatment, you have got nothing to worry about.

So you would ask yourself what must be done by you during, after and before this special day to ensure that the transfer goes successfully and the embryo gets implanted. The first thing you can do is set aside the myths and suggestions given to you by your inexperienced acquaintances, friends and other people around you.

Here are a few tips for a successful embryo transfer.

1. Choose an experienced doctor – You are the patient here and you are paying for the treatment. So you have all the rights to demand for an experienced doctor. Go for the best IVF doctor in Delhi. Make sure that a senior doctor is the one carrying out the embryo transfer. A steady hand is needed for the embryo transfer and only an experienced doctor can do that.

2. Regular tests are important – Many clinics would try to skip on few tests so as to save the cost. But you have already paid for most of them. And more importantly, thorough testing is a must before embryo transfer. You have reached so far and you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong now. Test such as hormone profiling, and in case of male, semen analysis is a must. Trans-vaginal scan of the fallopian tubes and ovaries should also be done.

3. Dummy embryo transfer – The embryo is precious and cannot be wasted. Therefore, ask your doctor to perform a dummy embryo transfer. The doctor might argue otherwise, but a dummy run can prove helpful. It can help identify any barriers to entry, if any.

4. Consider having 2 embryos transferred, if above 40 – With age, the chances for a successful fertility treatment decreases. Therefore, it is suggested to transfer two embryos, if you are over forty years of age, to increase the chances of successful implantation. However, it is warned that there are many cases of multiple pregnancies due to transfer of multiple embryos.

5. Folic acid along with multivitamin – Folic acid along with multivitamin supplements must be taken, not just by couples trying to conceive through IVF, but also by couples who are trying naturally. It decreases the chances of birth defects and also avoids post-delivery anaemia. However, you must consult your doctor as to what quantity of it must be taken.

6. Stay active – It is a myth that you need to head for the bed as soon as you get an embryo transfer. Instead, you must stay active. You must relax and sit upright. Go out for meal but avoid caffeine and alcohol. Take a stroll but avoid any strenuous task. Also avoid hot shower.

​Follow these tips and do what the doctor tell you to do and you will be perfectly fine.

How To Find The Best Infertility Specialist In Delhi

Infertility can be very tough for a couple, both psychologically and socially. And finding the right infertility specialist for treatment can be even tougher. Here are some tips to keep in mind that might help you find the best infertility specialist in Delhi.

Referrals – You can ask your primary doctor to suggest you some good infertility specialist. Friends and family members can also be of great help in this matter.

Do your homework – Don’t just go on the word of mouth and do your own research. Ask other people about their experience with the particular doctor. Research online about the infertility specialist and make sure that he/she has proper certification and skill. Also make sure that they were not involved in any malpractice in the past.

Experience – Experience is a key factor. The chances of getting better result increases with the doctor’s experience.

Quality of the Hospital – The quality of care provided by the hospital and the overall quality of the hospital matters as lot. Also consider the location of the hospital, and whether it would be convenient for you.

Communication with the doctor – There must be a healthy communication going on between the patient and the doctor for a better treatment. Make sure that the infertility specialist you are choosing listens to you carefully. Ask them question and notice how they respond. Go ahead only if you are satisfied.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can easily find the best IVF centre in Delhi that would be suitable to your needs.

Causes of infertility

Infertility is a condition in which a person is physically unable to reproduce. It can happen with both men and women and is mostly biological in nature including some causes of infertility that can be successfully treated with the help of best infertility doctor in Delhi. However, it is always better to know the cause of infertility affecting you so that a suitable approach can be made towards a healthy treatment. Some of the root causes of infertility are:

  • Genetic – There might be certain genetic abnormality in either of the parents that might cause infertility.
  • STDs – Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoeae and chlamydia can be a cause of infertility as well.
  • Female – In females, cause of infertility can be any of the following-
      1. Problems related to ovulation
      2. Age-related problem
      3. Blockage in fallopian tubes
      4. Maternal age being advanced
  • Male – In males infertility is majorly caused due to low sperm quality or low semen count that might have been caused by drugs usage or infection. There might even be blockage in the duck system.
  • Combined – there are cases where both the male and female are sub-fertile and the causes leading to this partial infertility combines to cause infertility in the couple.
  • Unexplainable causes – there are also cases where both the partners seem to be absolutely fertile but are still unable to conceive. There might be some abnormalities that cannot be detected at present.
How To Choose The Best IVF Specialist?

Whenever any couple is incapable to get pregnant even after regular sexual intercourse, then there are chances that couple is suffering from infertility. It may not always be the female, but males might also suffer from infertility. Science has improved vastly in every aspect bringing out solution for almost everything. Sometimes couples get so stressed when they don’t get pregnant that they try to take all sorts of medicines which are available in the market. That’s a very bad habit and can cause side effects. Hence rather than taking any medicines it is better to visit the best IVF specialist in Delhi and get a proper treatment for yourself.

Things To Know Before Choosing An IVF Specialist

  • The last resort when the couples don’t get pregnant is to visit a specialist. There may be many IVF specialists in every city, but choosing the best among them is very important.
  • Check on the web in various medical forums for a specialist in your city. Referrals are the best, so make sure to check with your family and friends.
  • Check out the experience and feedbacks about the specialist. There may be many IVF specialists in Delhi, but choosing the best who is well experienced is tough but the only right decision to take.
  • Make sure you are comfortable with the specialist because till you deliver a baby things must be handled smoothly.
  • Checking with the cost is also very important, gestational surrogacy is very expensive so be prepared for it. Make sure to check with the medical insurance and the payment plans, and find out if it fits within your budget.
Types Of IVF Treatments

We are living in a smart world where countless improvement in technology is being carried out day after day. One of the examples of technological innovations is IVF treatment which helps couple become pregnant if they are suffering from conceiving problems. Basically IVF treatment is the last option to choose especially when all the other methods have failed. However before the treatment is opted for, it is important to choose the best infertility specialist in Delhi that are capable of delivering fruitful results.

Treatments offered at IVF Clinics

  • Surgical infertility treatment is done when there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes. The specialist performs laparoscopic surgery to check the condition of patient and thereby resolve the issue.
  • Assisted reproductive technology is a treatment which is used for eggs and the embryo. When the eggs and the embryo doesn’t function well this treatment is performed.
  • A fertility medication is performed when there is ovulation disorder. This is the most common infertility problem found among the females.
  • There are many types of drugs which are offered to woman in order to protect the baby. Zoladex, lupron, antagon and ovidrel are some of the common fertility drugs which are prescribed by the specialists.
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) is another treatment done. The sperm is collected and washed, later it is injected directly in the female.

Before opting for the treatments, specialist conducts appropriate checks and chose the best treatment which is most suitable for the couple. So make sure to shortlist the best IVF treatment in Delhi and get blessed with a family of your own whom you can love and pamper for whole life.

Best Infertility Treatment Facilities in Delhi

In Vitro Fertilisation or IVF is a process where infertility is treated by implantation of pre-fertilised eggs into an aspiring mother’s body.The fertilisation of the egg is performed outside the female body by processing one or more eggs and sperms.This process may be performed more than once. For multiple trials of IVF the embryos are kept frozen. The IVF treatment is opted for when all the possible ways to conceive have been tried and they have failed to give desirable results. Delhi is known as the hub of finest medical facilities in India giving some of the best specialists for the treatment of various diseases including Infertility.

Fertility Treatment Clinics

There are many affordable clinics and hospitals in Delhi that have been a source of hope for many individuals and couples who seek treatment for their infertility. The IVF doctor in West Delhi are known for their expertise and extended knowledge of the latest infertility treatment.These doctors provide treatment after a proper diagnosis. A series of blood tests and scans are performed on the individual or the couple to determine the condition of patient and then a suitable treatment plan is devised to treat the infertility.The clinics suggest that the success rate of these treatments depends on the age of woman undergoing the treatment.

Treatment Options for Infertility in Delhi

The best gynaecologists in Delhi provide specialised treatment approaches to assist infertile individuals and couples such as:

Counselling: Counselling is done by doctors to understand the condition of the patient and devise an appropriate treatment plan for the individual or couple undergoing the treatment. This is necessary to understand which treatment option would be the most beneficial to treat the infertility.

Fertility drugs: These regulate the reproductive hormones in women and stimulate the release of one or more egg in each ovulation cycle. The fertility drugs can help increase the chances of conceiving by 80 percent.

Surgery: Surgery is done to fix any genetic defects in an individual like blocked fallopian tubes, removal of fibroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome or injections given to males to increase their sperm count.

IVF Treatment: In IVF treatment the eggs and sperms are fertilised outside the body of the female and then the embryos so formed are implanted into the body of the female.

Egg Donation: The doctors have a facility to store eggs donated by other fertile females, and then use it in females suffering from fertility issues.

Sperm donation: The doctors have a facility to store sperms donated by other fertile males, such that it can be tried with couples dealing with sperm count or infertile sperm issues.

IUI: It involves the deposition of certain amount of sperm into the uterus. The chances of positive results of this treatment may be thin, but it is often tried as one of the resorts to treat infertile couple.


With changing lifestyle and stress infertility can affect both men and women. Factors like age, hormonal imbalance, poor quality or low count of the eggs or sperms, damage to fallopian tube, obesity, and diabetes are some of the conditions that can affect uterus resulting into infertility.However, with good doctor and well devised treatment, infertility can be treated and couples or individuals can experience happiness of extended family.

Get The Best Gynecologist Services in Delhi

Delhi has proved to deliver the best medical services of all kinds, thereby attracting people from all over the world. Infertility being one of the major problems faced by women today has forced the fertility clinics in Delhi to offer world class treatment to the patients at an affordable cost.

What is the objective of fertility centers? 

The ultimate objective of the IVF doctor in Delhi is to use all latest techniques in order to address and deal with all sorts of infertility problems. The best gynecologist in Delhi should be able to provide the best treatment along with complete moral support to all the childless couples who wish to experience parenthood just like other happy parents.

The infertility centers provides logical and evidence based medical help according to the patient’s needs. The treatment provided at the best IVF clinic in Delhi matches the standards of international contingencies with higher rate of success.

The best gynecologist in Delhi understands your mental condition and ensures to keep complete secrecy of the treatment that you go through. She ensure that the social stigma does not concern the couple as stress and tensions adds up more to the infertility issue.

The fertility service center is handled by the IVF doctor in Delhi and other reproductive specialists and staff members. All of them work together in order to achieve the goal of pregnancy which every childless couple comes to such places.

So ladies, get the best gynaecologists in Delhi and step ahead to fulfill your wish of experiencing motherhood and joy!

Infertility- Not A Self Invited Health Issue

Infertility has become a major problem not only in India but throughout the world and for this, more and more infertility specialists have come up with the best possible techniques to treat such patients.

Some women live with the guilt of becoming infertile assuming doing themselves wrong. However, this is not true. Infertility can happen to any women and even men due to some health factors like hormones, low sperms, uterus, fallopian tubes which lays beyond our control. A good gynaecologist doctor will be able to tell you the exact reason of infertility after some tests and provide the best possible treatment.

It is very important that once you find out the problem of infertility, it is essential to get the treatment done as soon as possible to lower the risks and increase the chances of fertility. The best IVF doctor in Delhi would be able to help you to conceive a baby through various assisted reproductive techniques like fertility medications, IUI, IVF and many more.

You might not be able to detect the problem at all by yourself as infertility may not show any signs until you actually try to conceive. However, some may face problems with menstruation or get lower abdomen pain signifying some problem. If you get these issues regularly, then seeing a gynaecologist doctor in Delhi is must.

So ladies, infertility is a very normal health problem now and happens to every 7 women out of 10. Nevertheless, once you get to know the problem, the best possible treatment is a must.

High Time- See An Infertility Expert Now!!

These days, more and more younger women are losing on their potency abilities in India which has given a steep rise to the assisted reproductive technology especially in all the metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

It is believed that the changed and stressful lifestyles has contributed to the rise in infertility in not only in women, but men and young girls too. Late marriages, is yet another reason for the rising problem. According to the recent studies, the chances of becoming pregnant drops ominously after the age of 35. So, if you have been trying for a baby since a few years, are above 35 years of age and still not conceiving, then it is the time for you to see the best infertility specialist for guidance.

It is believed that a couple should wait for 2 years before they see an infertility expert. However, if you feel some problem with your cycle or any other issue, then an expert intervention is a must. Delhi is considered to have some of best IVF specialist in Delhi, however it is essential that you pick the best infertility specialist so that you get best of treatments and support too.

Seeing an infertility specialist can be a very stressful thing (if not picked the right one) and so, it is recommended that you do your part of homework well in advance. The internet is a great way to know about the Assisted Reproductive Technology as doing this will make you mentally prepared for what can be in store for you. So, get the best infertility specialist in Delhi and sink in to the feeling of motherhood soon!!

Find The Best Gynecologist Delhi Online

Complications are a part of human life. It is not every time that we get what we want easily. Couples who are trying to have a baby for long time but not being able to have one know that it is really very frustrating. Thanks to medical science that people do not need to lose hope as there are so many alternatives available these days. When a woman is unable to conceive then the first step she should take is to visit a gynecologist. It would take only a few minutes for anyone to find a gynecologist online and book an appointment.

Delhi is the capital city of India and medical facilities are very good here. People can expect to find some of the best doctors in different fields here. If someone wants to know about the best gynecologist in delhi then he just needs to search one online. There are so many renowned hospitals in this city that people do not need to worry about getting quality medical services.

Couples who have undergone several tests and advised to go for IVF process need to find a reliable ivf doctor. In order to find out the best ivf doctor in delhi, you can either ask someone or just search online. It is best to search such information online as people would like to keep this process secretive while it is in progress. Also, finding information online will fetch you faster and better results. You would save your time and get the best information online.