6 Tips To Find The Best Gynaecologist In Delhi

In laymen’s terms the term gynaecology refers to “the science of female”. A gynaecologist is a medical practitioner who deals specifically with women genitalia and reproductive organs, and breasts, as well as the overall health of a woman. Any health problem or diseases related to the female genitals parts such as cervix, fallopian tubes, womb, vagina, ovaries, and vulva is diagnosed and treated by a gynaecologist.

Here are 6 tips that can be followed while finding the best gynecologist doctor in Delhi.

1. OB/GYN – If you are pregnant or want to have a child in near future then look for an OB/GYN i.e. a medical practitioner who is trained as both gynaecologist as well obstetrician. An obstetrician is a doctor who specialises in the care and treatment of pregnant woman and also the one who assists in child delivery.

2. Reputation – The reputation of the gynaecologist matters a lot as you would be sharing some of the most intimate information with the doctor. The best gynaecologist in Delhi would be sensitive regarding your thoughts and feelings.

3. Friendly and Responsive – A good gynaecologist must be friendly in nature and responsive to your multiple doubts and queries answering them calmly and clearly. The gynaecologist must be such that you feel comfortable around him/her.

4. Proximity – The doctor’s clinic should be preferably close to your home so that visiting the gynaecologist doesn’t seem like a task to you. This will also help when you enter labour.

5. Availability – The doctor must be available for you easily and must be able to take your emergency calls.

6. Referrals – Consult your friends and families to refer to you a good gynaecologist. Or ask your regular physician to suggest you one.

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