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Progeny is the best IVF centre in Delhi, offering complete infertility solutions to couples looking to conceive. At IVF Progeny, the premier IVF clinic in Delhi, we facilitate you with dealing in issues related to infertility, obstetrics and gynecology. Infertility as an issue has witnessed a surge and has resulted in tense relation between spouses, divorce etc. The hectic lifestyle of present generation is one of the major reasons for this sudden increase in the number of infertility issues. The hectic lifestyle results in erratic eating and sleeping habits thus making the person prone to health issues. While common health issues that have physical symptoms can be diagnosed in the beginning, problems related to infertility do not surface until a couple attempts to procreate. The bliss of parenthood is an unparalleled feeling. Couples try to do all that is possible to achieve it. They try to adhere to every advice they listen in order to fill the void created by infertility. Atheists turn to religion, the biggest pessimists in the world start believing in the idea of magical transformation.

IVF has evolved as a boon for all those who have problems related to procreation. The advancement has resulted in bringing happiness in the lives of couples who had lost all hopes of having a child. The spread of this IVF technology is proving to be increasingly helpful. Delhi being the capital of India was among the first to get an IVF centre. In the initial days the number of Best IVF specialist in Delhi was very limited, locating an IVF doctor in Delhi was a difficult task but the scenario has changed with private practitioners opening up IVF clinics and centre.

Best Infertility treatment in Delhi is not only possible now but today we can get the IVF specialist doctor in Delhi. IVF Progeny being the best ivf centre in Delhi has the best IVF doctor in Delhi and anyone suffering from infertility issues can avail their services. Our IVF centre provides you with one of the best IVF facilities, special guidance extends from the time when nature fails your attempts at conception, to the time you feel your womb being kicked by a tiny bundle of joy which you always prayed for. Progeny in itself means “The Offspring”, or a product of your kin. We value your emotions, and hence we bring to you’re a comprehensive blend of sophisticated world class equipment backed by a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals in the fields of infertility, laparoscopic surgery, embryology, radiology, pathology and anaesthesiology in our IVF centre in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi.

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Dr. Ruby Sehra Gynecologist doctor in Delhi

Ruby-SehraDr. Ruby Sehra is a gold medal winner (MBBS) in gynaecology/obstetrics. She has been attending women health problems for 26 years and is currently associated with Progeny – An IVF-ICSI Centre, Delhi. Her centre is providing the most economical, transparent, highly successful IVF centre. The success rate of progeny IVF centre is 50% – 69%, depending on the age of the patient. Also, she successfully performs the role of an infertility specialist and laparoscopic surgeon. With her experience, she is considered the most countable of doctors in Delhi. Dr Ruby did her graduation and post-graduation from government recognized Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi.

Thereafter, she worked for prominent medical facilities in India such as Lady Hardinge Medical College, New Delhi Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute, Fortis Hospital and Fortis La Femme, Delhi. While practicing in these hospitals, she was exposed to a number of complicated cases, which she attended with precision and elan. She was able to treat patients successfully.

The 26 years of practice has helped Dr.Sehra to gain the expertise and experience which has resulted in her being counted as one of the Gynecologist doctor in Delhi. Being a voracious reader and a tech savvy person she believes in order to be an established practitioner, one needs to keep updating in accordance with the developments in the medical world.

Dr Ruby Sehra is a member of various popular and recognized medical societies like American Society of Reproductive Medicine, Association of Obstetricians & Gynecologist doctor in Delhi, European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and more.